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Trucking Business Boot Camp

Times Have Changed in the Transportation Industry?
Has the Way You’re Doing Training?

Spend 2 Days Learning the Latest Trends in Training Your Transportation Fleets

Our goal is to help your transportation fleet achieve greater operating revenues, improved driver retention rates, better CSA Scores, and improved communication across your company. In doing so, we reach our mission of helping save lives on the interstate.

When we started providing online training to the transportation industry, we were one of the first players in the market. Today, that landscape has changed. What hasn’t changed is the one thing that makes us the industry leader in what we do.

Other companies simply provide access to training videos that are accessible via an online platform.

You Need More Than A Web-Based Platform…

Since 1999, Vertical Alliance Group has been on the cutting edge of technology trends in the transportation industry. We understand that in order for your transportation company to hit on all cylinders, you need more than just a training platform. You need a comprehensive and ever expanding video library, a way to provide corrective action training, the ability to easily create and upload custom training videos, and a way to easily prove training happened.

Our clients come to us because they recognize their training program is broken. They are spending too much time delivering in-person training with inconsistent messages, and they are often struggling to stay afloat in a sea of documentation paperwork. They have realized safety happens more than just once a quarter, and they are looking for a way to provide ongoing safety training across their company. They often have limited resources but know they could be saving money in a multitude of areas if they could just ensure all of their drivers underwent training.

You may be asking yourself, “How do you overcome these constraints and create a true culture of safety excellence while saving thousands of dollars?

Infinit-i Prime is an online training and communication solution built to help you customize your training process and train the way that works best for your organization. It helps you streamline your training so you know without a doubt every driver has not only attended your trainings, but they also comprehended what they were learning. It also automatically ensures you’re notified when a driver’s license or medical card is coming up for renewal, so you never have to take a driver off the road due to paperwork formalities.

Are You Ready to Revolutionize Your Trucking Company?

Infinit-i Prime is the leading online training application for the transportation industry, and it has literally transformed the operational processes at trucking companies across the nation … saving them time, money, and improving their operational efficiency across multiple departments.

These aren’t just words. With over 800 companies now utilizing our platform, we have the data to back this up.

How Online Training Has Helped Transform BR Williams

Those are pretty powerful stories.

At Infinit-i Boot Camp, you will have the opportunity to actually interview one of our clients in-depth and hear from them firsthand about the benefits they’ve experienced with online training and the Infinit-i Prime Solution.

The One Advantage You Can’t Afford to Miss Out On…

Now, I’d like to introduce you briefly to the Infinit-i Advantage. Unlike other online training tools in the transportation industry, purchasing our platform is not a single transaction. It is the start of a continual relationship. With Infinit-i Prime, you’re never alone. You’ll be assigned a client service representative who will work with you to develop your training program, set-up your system, and who will truly understand your business. They will guide you throughout your first year in best practices, and they will work with our tech production team on your behalf to troubleshoot any problems you may have.

Over the course of 2 days at Infinit-i Boot Camp, you will learn:

  • How to train all of your drivers in less time, around their schedule, while still ensuring the integrity of your training program…
  • How to ensure your drivers receive the proper notifications about training, and how to know when your drivers may not be completing their training…
  • How to setup a platform and assign out training with as little or as much effort as you want to put into it….
  • How to ensure you can prove training happened, so you never have to worry about being blindsided when your attorney or a DOT auditor asks you to provide documentation that is signed and dated.
  • We will talk about how you can achieve all of this and more by utilizing tools within Infinit-i Prime to create automation and consistency that will literally make your day-to-day operations more streamlined while positively impacting multiple aspects of your business.

We are also going to share with you real life stories and case studies of Infinit-i Clients who have saved…

“Since we started using Infinit-i in June of 2011, our unsafe driving scores have dropped from 82.3 to 68.8 and our fatigued driving (HOS) scores have dropped from 66 to 44.”
~John Banman, Owner/CEO, SEM Tex Express

“We’ve been using Infinit-i for 11 months, and year-to-date, if you compare apples-to-apples, we’ve saved about 50% in our crash ratings. So we’re down 50% if you compare apples-to-apples this year to last year in the number of accidents we’ve had.”
~Houston Brittain, Director of Risk Management, Miller Truck Lines

“We have had a quarterly training completion rate of 98-99% over the last couple of years (since implementing online training).”
~Robyn Pravecek, Safety Compliance Manager, Towne Air

“We used to spend $1,000 per driver on our orientation, including bus ticket, hotel, meals, and man hours for the instructor. With Infinit-i, we have virtually eliminated our entire orientation costs because the driver can go through orientation online immediately, wherever he is in the country. We gained four days of miles per driver.”
~Pat Landreth
Manager, Loss Prevention
Milan Express

“We have been utilizing Infinit-i for less than a year and already have reduced our unsafe driving from 7.7 to 3.8 and also our Fatigued Driving/Hours of Service from 79.2 to 67.10.”
~Bradley Langston, Safety Director, Legacy Transport

Plus, you will get the opportunity to learn how creating custom training videos using your own trucks, people, messages and ideas can transform your relationships with your drivers and inspire behavioral change that you’re currently struggling to fix within your company.

Times Have Changed. Don’t Get Left in the Dust…

Technology and the transportation industry have greatly changed since we started in this business almost 2 decades ago. Your drivers no longer go down to the local Blockbuster to rent a video for entertainment. Now they’re watching videos on YouTube, Facebook, and NetFlix. They no longer use a pay phone to call home. Instead they use services like FaceTime to video chat with their family. And they no longer carry wallets full of photos because their phones are now virtual photo albums of their lives.

Your drivers have adapted to new technology. Over the course of the next two days, we will show you how to adapt your current training methods to the new age of drivers.

Register now for Infinit-i Boot Camp, or call us at 877-792-3866, ext. 103 for more information.