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Trucking Business Boot Camp
2 Day Event Training Agenda

There are a lot of different aspects to running a successful trucking company, and one of the most successful aspects is finding out how you can decrease your costs while improving your fleet’s operational efficiency. Vertical Alliance Group has put together a two day transportation conference called the Trucking Business Boot Camp that teaches everything from how to streamline your orientation process and reduce driver retention to how to improve safety training and mitigate your legal responsibility.

Over the course of two days you will gain new insight on how you can immediately make a significant impact on your company’s bottom line.



Howdy! Welcome to your unique Texas truck driver business training experience.
We will start your morning off with a brief overview of how an online learning management system is the proven solution to improving problems across your entire company.

Can My Employees Use a Learning Management System?
Learn how user friendly the Infinit-i Solution online training and communication platform is to use.
You will get an opportunity to actually see how easy it is to maneuver the Infinit-i Solution system.

How Difficult is a Learning Management System to Use?
An online learning management system is only as good as the people who are utilizing it. We will show you the power and functionality of the Infinit-i Solution and how utilizing it can instantly make safety training, orientation, and communicating with your fleet of truck drivers faster, easier, and more affordable.

Gather Around the Table
Join us for a fantastic evening dining on some of the best cuisine Texas has to offer. Network with other trucking company owners, safety managers, and HR directors from across the country.

Hero Stories from the Trucking Industry
We have invited one of our Infinit-i Heroes to come and share with you how utilizing a learning management system at their trucking company helped solve the challenges they were facing within their business. They will share with you the strategies they used to overcome common industry challenges and how they were able to achieve some truly incredible results within their business — making them an Infinit-i Hero at their company.

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Sunrise B2B Breakfast
Continue where you left off on day 1 — by networking with some of the brightest minds in the trucking industry over a delicious Texas breakfast. Take advantage of this networking opportunity to share ideas, AHA! Moments, and stories with your new friends.

Rewind and Recap
You took in a lot of information yesterday, and we want to make sure you didn’t miss anything. So we will start the morning with a quick rewind and recap of the previous day. Because sharing is a really important part of learning, we will invite audience members to share any AHA! Moments from the event during this time, too.

Get on the Cutting Edge
Technology is changing the way the trucking industry operates. This morning you will have the opportunity to learn about a new product designed specifically to enhance the way you assess different areas of your business. Utilizing this cutting edge product will quickly streamline different areas of your trucking business while decreasing the amount of paperwork you have to store.

Be A Star! Be A Star!
Multiple studies have proven that one of the greatest keys to success with any type of training is to create custom content. During this lesson, you will learn how you can easily create your own custom learning videos to be utilized on a learning management system. As an added bonus, our film crew will help you create your own “Distracted Driving Video” that you can take back and utilize at your next Safety Meeting.

Building Your Training Library
Get a sneak-peek inside the Infinit-i Solution Video Library, and learn how you can utilize the 300+ training videos to maximize training across your company with just the click of a button. Additionally, you will learn how merging the content, manuals, and other important documents that are currently part of your training program into an online learning management system, like Infinit-i, can instantly enhance your business efforts.

Putting It All Together
After spending two days learning about how an online learning management system can enhance your business, it is time for you to figure out if you truly understand how to make it work for you. This is your time to play with the Infinit-i Solution to see how easy it is to implement this program into your business.

Return on Investment
If your business isn’t making money, there is no reason to be in business. In this session we will evaluateInfinit-i Solution Case Studies and provide you with the blue prints you need in order to find the same path to success that companies across the country have found using a learning management system.

Where Do We Go From Here
The final session is a hands-on workshop where you will create an Implementation Plan to help your company quickly and efficiently start utilizing everything you learned about the Infinit-i Solution upon your return from Texas.

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