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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does it cost to attend the Trucking Business Boot Camp?
Nothing. Because the event is sponsored by Vertical Alliance Group and the Infinit-i Solution, there is no cost to attend the event.

2. What size fleet do I have to have in order to attend the event?
No matter the size of your fleet, you are invited to register for a free ticket to the event. Typically, fleets with 40 or more trucks find the most benefit from attending the event.

3. Because it is a free event, will I be sold the entire time?
Absolutely not! The Trucking Business Boot Camp is a “No Sales Zone”. The event is designed as an educational opportunity for safety directors, CEOs, and owners of trucking companies to come and evaluate if an online learning management system is the right solution for their company.

4. Do you ever do the event in states other than Texas?
The event is only hosted at The Stockyards Hotel in Fort Worth, Texas.The event are easily accessible via the DFW airport. Vertical Alliance Group will coordinate all of your travel arrangements for you after you register to attend the event — making travel to and from the event easy for you.

5. I’m not sure if attending is right for me. What should I do next?
We have developed a 2 minute quiz that asks you a few questions. The quiz is designed to help you figure out if attending the event is right for you.
Click here to take the quiz, and someone from our team will contact you shortly. Or, simply scroll to the bottom of this page and fill out the registration form. On the form, select the button for “send me more information”.

6. What’s the catch?
There is no catch. We are firm believers in providing educational opportunities to the trucking industry. This is one of those opportunities. The learning management system that will be demonstrated throughout the event as a learning tool is the Infinit-i Solution, which is owned by Vertical Alliance Group. Obviously we would love for you to decide to use our system at the end of the event. However, there will be no pressure for you to do so during the event. In fact, the information you learn at the event can guide you in evaluating multiple online training solutions for your company — and we encourage you to do that.

7. Who are the speakers at this event?
Blake Baumann, Dean Huth, and Steve Kessler are the primary speakers at each event.
Click here to learn more about each of them. Additionally, current users of the Infinit-i Solution regularly attend Boot Camp to share with attendees the pros and cons they have experienced with using an online learning management system.

8. Can I get NATMI recertification points for attending the event?
Yes! NATMI has approved that attendees to the Trucking Business Boot Camp can earn 2 recertification points by attending the event.
Click here to learn more about our NATMI accreditation.

9. What should I wear?
Dress is casual and comfortable. Sometimes the meeting rooms may be cold, so we encourage you to bring a light jacket to wear if you get cold easily.
10. How many people from my company can attend the event?
We recognize sometimes there is more than one decision maker involved in selecting an online training option for your company. We encourage you to bring one other person with you from your company to the event at no additional cost. If you need to bring additional people, please let us know that following your registration. We will do our best to accommodate your request, however there may be fees for additional attendees to come. We ask that you also recognize seating is limited at each event.

11. I still have questions…
You can call us at 1-866-775-4669, ext. 103 or visit the
contact us page and send in a question.