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NATMI Accredited Event

The North American Transportation Management Institute (NATMI) provides internationally recognized, university accredited training and professional certification for truck and bus fleet management professionals.

All NATMI certified individuals must accumulate a total of 30 points (20 points for CCSP) within 3 years of the anniversary of their initial certification, and every 3 years thereafter. Points are earned for industry activities, such as trade and professional association memberships, meetings, training and volunteer activities.

Attending this event qualifies you for 2 points towards NATMI recertification point earning requirements.

To learn more about NATMI certification, visit their website.

Infinit-i Boot Camp is Now an Approved NATMI Safety Event
Explore Online Training and Earn 2 Recertification Points

Vertical Alliance Group recently announced their Infinit-i Boot Camp has been approved by the North American Transportation Management Institute (NATMI) and earns certified safety directors two recertification points.

The two day event provides attendees with a unique opportunity to explore the benefits of implementing online training within their company. As a hands-on event, attendees are given the opportunity to learn “Best Practices” related to a successful online training program utilizing, the Infinit-i Solution, while enjoying a unique Texas setting and great southern hospitality

Additionally, event goers spend time learning how to create customized safety training content in quick and affordable ways. During this portion of the event, each attendee has the opportunity to create their own customized safety training video that can be utilized in all of their future safety training efforts.

The event features a keynote address by a former safety director, Dean Huth, who shares firsthand the challenges of relying on a traditional paper method of tracking driver training and how costly it can be when it fails companies who wind up in an audit or a courtroom. His talk centers around educating safety directors on how to mitigate large and costly judgements associated with punitive damages.

“You will go to court if you do this a long time. It’s not a question of if. It’s a question of when. When it comes to your training: If it’s not in writing, not signed, not dated, or you can’t find it, it simply didn’t happen,” Huth explained during a recent keynote address at the event.