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Dean Huth

Dean HuthDean Huth is a well-known and well-respected trucking industry veteran. He started his career behind the wheel as a driver in 1992 and worked his way to the front office, first as a Night Dispatcher, then to Compliance and Fleet Manager, Safety Manager and finally to Risk Manager.

Dean retired in January 2011 and after a very brief time into his retirement, Dean became a guest speaker at multiple transportation events and functions. Vertical Alliance Group recognized the significance of Dean’s message and hired him to be a full time Safety Consultant and a Keynote Speaker at our own Boot Camps and also for State Trucking Association Events across the country. Dean’s presentation drives home the importance of knowing “Will Your Safety Program Hold up To a Court Challenge?” focusing on the challenges of legal precedent and proper documentation.

Steve Kessler

Steve KesslerSteve is currently the Manager of Consultative Services for Vertical Alliance Group. He has over 30 years of experience as a manager, sales trainer, and consultant working in various industries including pharmaceutical, transportation, and online. Steve has a bachelor’s of science degree in business administration from the University of Missouri .

Steve has previously served as the General Manager of Vertical School Partners, LP, General Manager of Vertical Trucking Partners, LP, Director of Training, Manager of Sales Support, and as Client Services Manager for Vertical Alliance Group.