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What Past Attendees Have Said
About the Trucking Business Boot Camp

We strive to make the Trucking Business Boot Camp an exceptional experience for all attendees. But don’t just take our word for it.  Check out what some of our past attendees have said about their experience…

Jim Murphy“Time is money, and the things you learn in this Boot Camp and with Infinit-i will save you money and save your company money and will save you in a court of law.”

Jim Murphy, Compliance Coordinator
Lone Star Milk Transport

Laura Keith“Boot Camp is a must to help you think and act outside of the box. There are so many ideas that are shared and can be expanded on. It is a must! It took me 1½ years to ‘find time’ to go. Wish I would have made the time earlier. Life would have been made easier, quicker.”

Laura Keith, Safety Officer
Ed Davenport, Inc.

Carry“I’ve been using the Infinit-i system for over a year, and I just renewed for another year.  It is a fantastic product.  It’s all about workflow automation, increasing efficiency, and effectiveness.  I highly recommend it.”  –View More

Cary Watkins, Vice President
Moment’s Notice & Truck Driver Liaison

Cheney-Bros“It was a great forum to allow somebody to concentrate on what Infinit-i has to offer, as opposed to being distracted or influenced by your normal work activities (during a demo). Boot Camp is well worth attending, even if you don’t end up getting the Infinit-i program. I learned a lot from the program, and it is definitely worth your time.”  –View More

Dave Rawicz, EHS & Risk Director
Cheney Brothers

Rundle“The content of the Infinit-i program, I believe, will help Rundle Safety Solutions become a safer and more productive transportation company.  I want to thank Vertical Alliance Group for a wonderful opportunity to learn to make our drivers safer.”  -View More

Todd Rundle, Owner
Rundle Safety Solutions

CDT“The Bootcamp we enjoyed here in Ft. Worth, Texas has been amazing.   I recommend it to everyone.  It will really help your fleet, broaden your horizons in safety, and help the motoring public move down the road.”  –View More

Timothy Galloway, Safety Manager

haney“We are going to start doing some new employee on-boarding with Infinit-i. Instead of bringing them to our headquarters to fill out all the paperwork and watch all the videos that we ask them to watch before they actually go into the day and half of training that we have them do, we are going to do all that beforehand and have them complete that before they show up to our headquarters.” –View More

Phillip Cornwell, Communications & Design Specialist
Haney Truck Line

moore“I came to the Vertical Alliance Boot Camp to try to bolster the safety department and bridge the gap in communication between shops, maintenance, operations, and the drivers.  You can be as compliant as you can be, but if you don’t follow along with the documentation part, it means absolutely nothing in the court of law.  Vertical Alliance goes out of their way to put on a good show for everyone. It’s definitely more than what I envisioned it would be. –View More

Paul Johnson, Fleet Safety Manager
Moore Freight Service

lepak“If you’re tired of pushing paper and trying to keep up with files, this would be the program that you would really like to see and commit to.  Also, if you’re a Safety Director out there and you’re having to travel between locations, this could save the miles you’re having to travel; you’ll spend more time in your office, keeping up with this.” –View More

Les Stoffel, Safety Director
Lepak Trucking

moholanIf you’re thinking about the program, this is where you come in and find out what it can really do and ask the questions that are relevant to your business and say, ‘Can it do this? Can I fit what you’re offering into the way I want to design my product and I want to present my business so that I can realize the most advantage from it?’” –View More

Mahlon Gragen, Director of Safety & Compliance
Auto Truck Transport Corp.

jeff“The venue is great. You’re really able to step back and take the time to fully understand how you can use Infinit-i to fully understand what is going on at your company.  It has been well worth the time.” –View More

Jeff Reed, President
Skyline Transportation, Inc.

Eric“From the time that we left Dallas until the time that we’ve gotten here, we’ve had enjoyable moments. At the same time, I’m taking back information that’s probably going to change our company forever. I feel that with the information that was given today – not only the things the Infinit-i platform has to offer today but some of the things you have on the cutting edge coming in the future – will not only justify being here for the past 2 days, but it will also justify the expenditure.”

Eric Nelson, Vice President of Safety
Arnold Transportation Services

Brad Darnell“It’s been a very pleasant experience. It gives you an opportunity to really not focus on a lot of other stuff that’s going on. I’ve been to seminars before, and it is really easy to step out of the classroom and go and take care of the business and come back and you’re not focused on what you need to be focused on. You need to every now and then refocus your direction on what the goals are, and this place has helped me. We were just discussing a few minutes ago, ‘What’s our next step?’”

Brad Darnall, Safety Director
Lone Star Milk Transport

Patrick Nevins“I think in our world, especially in the trucking world, guys like me just don’t have the time to evaluate something in our home office. This gave me the opportunity to get away from the office and do a better job evaluating it. I think in the long run, I think it is going to be time well spent.”

Patrick Nevins, Director of Safety
New World Van Lines

“I like the waRob Schneidery you incorporate both fun activities and work activities. I’ve been to conferences for years and years and years, and it’s always been meeting after meeting after meeting – walkout, come back in 15 minutes later and do another set of meetings. You don’t ever get a chance to really talk with peers – share your miseries, share their solutions. This has been the very best I’ve ever been to in that respect. I’ve learned so much in a short period of time. It left me wanting to learn even more and go out and try things. If you’ve never been, you owe it to yourself and your company and your drivers to at least go and learn about it.

Rob Schneider, Safety Manager
Veriha Trucking

Sarah Valenzuela“I’ve learned so much. To sum it up, Dean was very kind enough to give us very helpful words on a litigation standpoint. It puts things for any safety manager, safety personnel’s perspective, you have to look at the big picture and what you’re actually doing with the training. Ultimately you’re reacting, but you have to know if the drivers are actually learning. So being here, gives you so many more tools on how to implement those things, so you know the drivers are actually taking in. Listening to other carriers talk about their experience, you get a really good sense of that. That’s one of the biggest things I’m taking away. The learning experience, everything I’m taking back with me, obviously is going to be well worth the trip. I’m taking so much more than I thought I was going to take back with me.

Sarah Valenzuela, Safety Assistant
Freight Exchange of North America